Studio 4:13 is a woman owned and operated company. We have been in business providing the finest custom non-surgical hair replacement systems for 6 years and are steadily growing. Prior to opening this business, we have obtained a vast creative knowledge of the art of hair replacement for close to 10 years.

We have traveled the country coast to coast and have worked at and trained with the largest companies in the Hair Replacement industry, as well as owned numerous successful salons. In our journeys we have recognized that there were many things that needed to be improved upon in our field. After moving to Dallas 6 years ago, Natalie the owner and founder realized that she could develop a formula to enhance and perfect the art of hair replacement. What she knew we had to achieve was first finding the best and most realistic hair systems in the world. Having a superior product was key for us. But what good are the best products without the artistic skill sets to create and design flawlessly? This is where our unmatched talents meet our top grade products. We pride ourselves on being extremely meticulous, detailed and as thorough as possible. Which is why we have such loyal clients that have been extremely pleased since 2014!

Aside from premium products, and master skill sets, we are extremely passionate about what we do. After many years in this industry, we absolutely understand the sensitive nature of making the decision to wear non-surgical hair systems and we don’t take it lightly. Hair restoration can be one of the most positive life changing decisions people can make, and is for all of our clients. Whether you are looking to boost your self confidence, rid yourself of hair loss insecurities, stay competitive in the job field, treat medical hair loss or just plain want to feel and look like your youthful self again….we can help ALL people no matter the circumstance. We will be by your side through every step in this journey from beginning to end. 

Some additional things to know about us…..You will NOT be walking into an environment where you meet the receptionist, then the consultation coordinator, then your stylist, but never meet the owner. You will NOT have to share your story with numerous people before you actually get to hear about the programs offered. You will meet directly with the owner and master creative stylist Natalie. This decision is sometimes sensitive in nature,  so sharing with countless people can often feel uncomfortable. You will also NOT be walking into an office building or store front with with a big clear sign of “Hair Replacement” or anything of that nature outside the business door. We honor and respect the fact that a lot of clients choose to be private about having others know that they are receiving hair replacement. Which is why we designed our business to be completely discreet. We are located inside of a business park complex, with plenty of front door parking. We have a large private suite for our clients to walk directly into, designed for comfort and privacy in the most relaxed environment. All sessions are one on one and by appointment only, so there are no distractions from others. Therefore making it a totally private and seamless experience!

What you can expect here at Studio 4:13 is the most cutting edge hair systems, top notch master styling, compassionate customer service, consistency and complete privacy. 

Whether you are new to the hair replacement industry, and looking for honest answers to your questions and the variety of options available, or if you are discouraged and unhappy with your current provider, we would love to hear from you.

If you are ready to make a change to improve your overall look, feel, and well-being, contact us today to set up a free, no obligation private consultation! You’ll be so happy you did!